The following questions are designed to help us get acquainted with you. All who desire to serve in the Youth Ministry at Calvary Monterey are required to turn in this information before they can be scheduled to serve. We are not looking for the "perfect" Christian, but rather those who love Jesus and have a desire to be part of His mission for reaching our youth!

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This form must be completed by all persons interested in any position involving the supervision or care of minors. It will be used by Calvary Monterey to help provide a safe environment for those children and youth who participate in our church programs.

I hereby release and hold harmless from liability all persons, organizations, or other entities which provide references or information to Calvary Monterey with regard to me or my background.

I also release and hold harmless from liability Calvary Monterey, its clergy staff, employees and volunteers with regard to any decision that is made on my application.

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